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The Kit

Shoebox Man Kit

As with all things well-built and made to last, a strong foundation is the most important factor in a lasting relationship. Inspired by the song "Shoebox Man" by Sonia Lee, a story of a loving grandmother's advice to her grand-daughter, this kit is designed to help young women grow in their understanding of what makes a good man.

This Kit Contains: 

❤ "A Girl's Guide to Choosing The Right Man"

❤ "Shoebox Man"
A CD of the song by award-winning singer/songwriter Sonia Lee (Produced by Nathan Chapman) that inspired the creation of the Shoebox Man Kit®. 

❤ A pen and pad of paper for writing down characteristics that you want your very own Shoebox Man to possess. 

❤ A sturdy, keepsake box for holding all your dreams you put in writing.